"EV Everywhere" style tariff from Bulb?

I’d really like to see Bulb offer an EV Everywhere style tariff like OVO do. A lot of folk from the Tesla and Leaf communities joined up recently (we’re all very close-knit, so there was a lot of referring going on!) but it would be great if you could offer something for us folk.

Even if it’s not a tariff, a partnership with Polar to get that 2-year free Polar Plus would be nice. :wink:

I would agree!

@BenWoodford and @salil_kh

We’re still focusing on providing the best service for electricity and gas supply at this point.

It cost these companies a lot of money to invest in teams of people to produce these tariffs/products and we think working on producing a product that works for a vast majority of our members is a better strategy at this point.

Bulb is brimming with talent that will be the driving force behind rolling out products like the one you mention, but we need a few more electric vehicles on the road before we can start investing more resource into amazing products like that one.

Completely agree with your sentiment though, some products available at the moment are very exciting.