EV Tariff - 2am to 6am but GMT or BST?

Dear Bulb,

I had a support discussion a day or two ago about whether or not the 2am to 6am cheap rate period was always in GMT, or whether it was in BST during the summer. The response from Bulb Support was quite clear that it was always in GMT.

However, I checked my meter at 06:50 (BST) yesterday, and found it showing Rate 1 as the active rate. This would suggest that it had already switched back to day rate before 7am BST (which is 6am GMT).

This shows that my meter seems to be applying the 2am to 6am times in BST, not GMT.

In any case, please can Bulb clarify this in their tariff description so that it is crystal clear to all EXACTLY when the cheap rate applies in both summer and winter.

If I get this wrong and set my car to charge wrongly by an hour, it will cost me roughly £1 per charge with a 7kW charger.


My previous thread on this topic was closed by support, and linked to a non-existent thread. This time, please actually answer the question. Thanks.

@holly_at_bulb You put his last post onto the private EV members part of the forum, which is only available for people who are actively on the EV trail. You need to give @MartinR the “ev members” badge if you want him to be able to read you response, or just give ham a response here.

I am now on the EV Tariff, as of last week - so should be able to see that thread anyway? I thought I was invited to join the EV tariff as a ‘beta’ tester.

Oops! @MartinR I thought you were part of the EV forum! I’ve now added you in- let me know if you can now see the thread I merged for you? :relaxed: