EV Tariff - annual estimated cost - don't make sense

Was in process of selecting the EV tariff, but Im confused as its saying that my annual cost on the EV tariff will be over £200 more when compared with the existing Pay Monthly Variable.
Surely charging the car during off peak, would mean this would reduce cost.
Or does the increase in standard charge and standing charge with the EV Tariff, actually out weigh any savings in usage rate??

I would imagine the ev tariff is multi rate, similar to economy 7. If it is multi rate then the day rate (7am until midnight or similar) will be at a higher rate to compensate for the lower night rate. Works out nicely if you use washing machine, dryer etc overnight at the lower rate

Hi Tony I am on the EV tariff. The day rate is 33.15p/kWh and the night rate7.71 p/kWh. The standard rate is a few pence lower than the day rate. Of course the charges vary in different regions due to transmission costs. For me the 2 rate tariff is worthwhile.