EV tariff , how does it know what’s used at the lower rate?

I have switched to the ev tariff but how does the meter know how much is used at the lower rate, my meter is set to take readings every half hour but no readings are showing on my account.

Hi @Lin,

Thanks for your post!

You can read more about the EV tariff and how it works here.

Your smart meter should be submitting readings for the day and night rate which is how we distinguish between the two different rates that we charge. But I can see on your account we are struggling to get both of these.

Are you able to try and take a reading from your meter? You can use this link to find out how to read your meter.

Let me know how you get on

– Daisy :bulb:

I have taken readings and sent photos as requested but I’m not sure it’s getting recorded at your end, I am setting the washing machine and dishwasher to use the lower rate too plus charging the car.

@Lin although your meter will be sending us readings every half hour, we don’t input these into your account as this will be 48 reads per day, 336 per week and 1,488 reads per month. This would most definitely clog the billing system and cause issues.

However, your meter is definitely sending us these reads, it will just input them into the billing system around your statement date.

Please let us know if you have any further questions

– Robyn :bulb:

The app no longer shows me a daily reading, (since August) which is a pain, and it’s 4th November and you are recommending an increase in direct debit even though £400 in credit and I haven’t seen this months bill yet! I have no issue with keeping on top of my payments but need to see my bill to assess how much I need to increase the DD to.

@Lin as you have recently changed over to the EV tariff, it’s taking slightly longer to issue your statement and calculate your usage from your readings. The increase in monthly payments is simply a suggestion and your current payments are fine for now.

– Robyn :bulb:

I have now received the bill and the cheaper rate is an estimate and is completely wrong!

We have recently switched to the ev tariff, and I have received my monthly bill with the cheaper rate estimated! My hive car charger shows my useage during this time and it’s vastly different, add to that I have been setting my washing machine and dishwasher to use the lower rate and what is the point of this tariff if it’s going to be so wrong?

Hi @Lin :wave:

Thanks for your post, I’ve just merged it with your other thread so we can keep track of everything.

Sorry for the billing issues you are having.

I just had a check over your bill, it looks like we got the day reading through from your smart meter but not the night, so used an estimate in its place. The estimates come from the industry and are usually pretty accurate, but I’m sorry if this has not been the case here.

Did you have an actual night meter reading? I can look to update your statement with it if so.

Also. I’ve just raised this with our EV team, as we want your meter to be sending through both sets of readings to make sure your bills are correct going forward.

I will get back in touch when I have an answer from them but please let us know if you have any more questions in the meantime.

Ele :bulb:

I have a hive charger so I get an accurate reading for how much the car used, but I also set the dishwasher and washing machine to run during this time. I am at work at the moment but can send a screenshot of the hive app when I get home, the car alone is 100 out.

When someone has just signed up for your EV tariff, you can be fairly sure their usage pattern is about to change, so relying on historical usage estimates for the property is unlikely to be satisfactory!

That’s a really good point @stevefoster – our estimates aren’t only based on historical usage figures that come through from the industry database, but they do factor in. :thinking:

Because our EV tariff is set up with the idea that we will be receiving half-hourly readings, and not relying on any estimates, this hasn’t been a concern. But as EVs become more popular it might be something we need to think about! – Miriam :electric_plug: