EV Tariff Is it available to non car owners

I have been reading about Bulbs EV Tariff and have a couple of questions;-
Is it available to Bulb Business Customers,and is it specifically for customers with Electric Vehicles,I am a trustee for a Charity which supplies sheltered accomodation for the Elderly and in an effort to suport them with their energy costs we are looking at installing battery storage.
the current EV rate makes it a viable option.

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Hi @Gilbert67 :wave:

Unfortunately, our EV tariff is not available to our business members this is only for domestic properties. However, you do not require an Electric Vehicle to move onto the EV tariff.

The EV tariff is a viable option if you would be using more than 20% of your energy between the hours of 2am - 6am, which could be possible with battery storage.

I hope this answers your questions and if there is anything else I can help with please let me know below :point_down:

– Luke :bulb: