Every bill shows £000s in credits and debits

Turns out when I joined Bulb 2 years ago - with a smart meter - they reversed the day and night usage on the account. This was subsequently corrected after a battle. In December last year though, each and every bill consists of the TOTAL amount of debits since inception e.g. £4000+, then about 6 pages of how that’s broken down e.g. “1st March 2020 £220” “1st April 2020 £210” etc until the latest date. There follows a similar credit figure reversing the debit figures on another 6 pages of breakdown, finally giving the actual account balance of e.g. £180.

I have literally dozens of emails to and from Customer “Service” requesting an explanation and receiving a repeated and meaningless mantra.

Anyone else suggesting suffering this? I can only assume that it’s either a personal vendetta, or their admin has completely gone to hell and they’re incapable of getting on top of it.

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I have had a related problem, but it’s not exactly the same.

I was paying regularly and showing regular monthly statements until recently. Then on 13th March all my previous payments got credited back to me, so that I was shown as about £1000 in credit. Then on 18th March I was debited with a single debit for all my energy use over two years. The result is an accurate foigure, but very confusing accounting by Bulb.

I have written about this in another thread.

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“Confusing account” is about as polite a description as possible. :pleading_face: All anyone wants is a bill showing how much to pay, not an 8-page spreadsheet with irrelevant and unsolicited historic transactions.

No explanations from a Bulb rep on here?

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