Every single month

I literally have a problem with the account every single month! We moved in our house in June 2019 and there hasn’t been a month where I’ve not had to call them to complain! A couple of months ago we made a deal that I would email in my readings every month because it always gets messed up on the system - it worked for one month and guess what… it’s messed up again!! They get the metre reading around the wrong way, they take random money; they give us random money, when I emailed saying it’s wrong they always tell me it’s correct. I really do feel like leaving this company! They’ve given me £5 as compensation but it’s so frustrating!! I don’t want to have to be stressing about our electric bill every month! We are always in credit but it’s such a ball ache! I would have a smart metre put in but I’ve read how even they don’t work properly. I’m at my whits end now.

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Hi @jessicabirch7010

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to get in touch with us each month due to an issue with you day / night readings. I can see my colleague has produced a draft corrected statement and once this has been added to your account your balance will be correct.

It sounds like the issue is with the meter information that the industry third party who validate meter readings hold. I’ve asked my colleague you’ve been discussing this with over email to look into this for you.

Sounds like it’s about time you stopped doing this, since this 3rd-party validation seems to do very little but cause trouble.

It would probably be simpler just to get the annual meter reader visits reinstated (in a covid-secure manner, obviously).

Hi @stevefoster

I agree it can be frustrating when updating our own records doesn’t solve the issue with the account, however the supplier doesn’t arrange the annual meter readings that are submitted to them, this is carried out by the same industry third party.