Every time I log in it's a dead end

Every time I go to log in or follow a link it takes me to sign in, so I sign it then it takes me to a page that say you are signed in go to the community. I don’t need to go to the community I need to go to the link I just clicked and I sure if anything goes wrong with my switch now it will be my fault for not providing the meter readings when I can’t physically do so.

Hi, exactly the same problem here - just joined, trying to set up a direct debit, but all the links (including the link in the relevant Help topic, and the “Set up direct debit” link from the Your monthly payment has failed - !) are directing me to the community page (Go to community button), with the only other option to sign in to my account with a different email. I sent an email one week ago, and still have not heard back. I really won’t be able to pay your bills until you enable me to do so; can you please fix / provide a correct link?