Everybody Switch to a New Provider

Hi everyone you are all being ripped off with this supplier by them increasing payments by upping there estimates which are not realistic to what you are using. It is a way of getting money in quickly so they can get interest on your money.

Are you able to give a factual instance of unrealistic estimate, this is more likley to encourage customers to switch rather than a vague comment?


Much as I’ve had some issues of late with Bulb, it has only really been with getting my final bill corrected to actual readings instead of estimates.

Every supplier increases their charges. All of them. They might so it at different times but they are all pretty much on a par with eachother. We as customers can of course shop around and change supplier, but it won’t mean that your new supplier doesn’t then increase their prices too.

As for estimates, these are used to generate monthly statements if the customer doesn’t submit readings. To avoid having your bill calculated on estimates that you feel are too high, you can submit your meter readings prior to the statents being generated, 3 days prior at a minimum I suggest, so it shows actual usage.

But you don’t pay for what your statement says unless you are altering your monthly payment every time. You set your monthly payment to what you want and what date you want it to be taken. You can raise or lower it to suit your usage.

One thing that does annoy, but some do find reassuring tho I’d suggest it being done in summer not winter, is them unilaterally raising direct debits by double in some cases, even when people have credit on their accounts. It insinuates that grown adults can’t manage their own accounts and alter their own payments to accrue credit or pay actual usage at the time of an increase - for heating in winter, for example.

The enforcing of the raised monthly direct debit is, imo, wrong and should be viewed on a case by case basis and only instigated in cases where a customer is already in debit and so likely to fall further in arrears if not raised.

I do get your frustration tho, but just wanted to make you aware that if you have credit on your account and your new direct debit is far higher than your usage, you can complain and get it lowered.

Good luck.

I did find raising a complaint here for my particular issue resulted in it being addressed quicker, sadly, than the multiple messages sent to them did. Public awareness via social media is a good thing but important we keep it balanced.

Have they raised your direct debit over and above your usage? Do you submit regular meter readings? Needs to be at least every 3 months for their bots to work.

yes I do summit readings and I do expect to pay more but this estimate exceeds more than expected which seems to be wrong but you dont get an answer…its done to line there pockets so jumping to another supplier. I have been with loads of suppliers and never seen this amount of increase

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october is your estimate lol

@garygwynn that IS a hike! Unless there’s a historic trend that shows your usage rises hugely this time of year, their bots have gone mad with their estimate. I had similar when I was on credit meter and thankfully, moved lbefire it became a problem (now have a prepay meter that has its own set of issues).

I’d definitely question their hike as that’s absolutely crazy. Unless you live in the Arctic circle I can’t see how you’d suddenly need to use that much more electric and gas :joy::joy:.

I hope they rectify it or, yes, if unhappy, compare other suppliers and go elsewhere.

Good luck

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Thanks, that’s Bulb’s estimate not mine, I don’t work for Bulb.

Ignoring the graphs (I never found they line up with my statements). If you check your actual statements do they show estimated meter readings and if so are these far removed from the monthly meter readings you supplied to Bulb?

You can’t lower your DD to whatever you want. Bulb set a minimum, below which you can’t set your DD.

Hi @garygwynn

Thank you for joining the community :wave:

I can see that our estimated electricity read was a bit high for this month however the gas was accurate, you should upload your meter read around the 6th / 7th of the month so we can use that read to create your statement.

As this was the first time you uploaded a meter read in a while I also recommend uploading them more frequently so we can understand your usage.

I can redo your statement so that it is correct to your meter read or we can wait until next month and then it will be evened out.

Let me know what you would prefer.



Yes I can give a reasonable instance 7 years of analysing electricity and gas bills sending these
to Bulb, showing that by using the highest annual usages for E & G respectively as a basis and using their rate per unit and day would dramatically reduce my monthly figure down to a realistic forecast figure (£101 (theirs £154 minimum at the time was way over the top). Result - no response whatsoever but surprise, surprise I did get a response in super quick time when I stopped my next DD 01/12/20 (at their new higher level ) - I promised them I would do this if they failed to respond. They threatened to make an administration charge unless DD re-instated.
Needless to say I am signing up with another supplier - if you needed proof of bad faith (in both financial and customer relation attitudes) by Bulb I want nothing more to do with them!!

Thanks for the information however my query was in response to that from garygwynn who as far as I can now see from the response by Bulb above the problem the encounterd could be due to not submitting timel meter readings