Ex-OVO smart Gas meter cut me off

It’s great that Bulb is now able to utilise the first gen smart meter like the one I have… (originally from OVO), but meter has cut me off.

Emergency support team have been good, and cadent came and checked gas is getting to meter (but output valve closed).

Various codes tried (rejected) but still no gas.

Read on ovo forums about some failing batteries cutting off supply, which is against regs. Feel sorry for Bulb having to pick up this mess.

Seems they also struggle to get the meter engineers to attend, despite supposed 4hr response.

Feel it may be a very cold night.

Hi @BosshoggUK,

Could you give us a call as urgently as you can on 0300 303 0635 if you’re without gas at the moment?

All the best,

Hi, I called and received confirmation that the Nat-grid guy should be with us soon. Hopefully we will have heating soon!

Hi @BosshoggUK :wave:

Really glad to hear you got this sorted. If you do have any further issues, just let us know.

Cara :bulb: