Ex solarplicity customer

Is anyone else here an ex customer of solarplicity? I changed to bulb just before the company went bust. I never recieved a final bill from them, and of course all my enquires went unreplied. However after being with bulb for just over a year they have reduced my payments twice, my energy useage has not changed and bulb is charging me more for my electricity than solarplicity did. Based on my energy useage, charges and costs I estimate that I should have had a refund from solarplicity of £1600. Ofgen refuses to acknowledge solarplicity customer complaints, instead asking you to refer to the supplier who took over which is EDF. But they did not take over my account as I had changed to bulb, so I cannot complain to them either. Does anyone know how I can proceed with obtaining a refund?

I can’t help with your query but I’m at a complete loss to understand how you could have built up a credit of £1600 with an energy supplier. Were you not checking your monthly or quarterly statements and where necessary reducing your DD payments?

Solarplicity never sent out statements. They had control of how much they took by DD, which only ever increased even though my useage did not. They did increase their charges, and soon after I changed supplier. But I never recieved a final bill. I know I sent in the correct final reading as bulb my new supplier used it for all subsequent billing.

Check out this posting: https://community.bulb.co.uk/t/i-switched-before-my-old-supplier-folded-and-ceased-trading/55285

It seems to relate to the same problem you are encountering?