Excess credit in my account

Hi, I’m working away from home a lot at the moment so my energy and gas use is very low, as a result I have about £125.00 of excess credit in my account. Currently my direct debit is about £72.00 a month. Is it possible to use this credit to pay any bills for a while, until I return to working closer to home? I can give fairly regular meter readings.



Yes it’s possible. There’s an article in the knowledge base if you click “Help” and search for refund.

Hi @lee_bassett01

If you would like to be refunded credit from your account, we will need to make sure we have up to date meter readings and at least one months payment in the account. If we have all these, just let us know via email, chat or phone and we will be able to process that for you.

If you wanted to reduce your monthly payments instead, you can log into your bulb account and go to payments and statements > payment settings.