Existing smart meter question

I have recently switched to Bulb. I had a smart meter installed in 2018 by my previous supplier (EDF). Though it appears my smart meter will no longer be compatible with Bulb, for some reason it is STILL displaying my energy usage. But with the same prices as my previous supplier! If it is compatible, I don’t understand, as I was under the impression Bulb’s energy prices are far cheaper. If it isn’t compatible, and still reading at my previous supplier’s energy prices, should I just ditch the thing altogether? I’m confused and would really appreciate some advice. Thanks.

When you switch supplier it is only the smart meter that goes dumb. The IHD (in home display) retains some smart functions (meter readings etc). When Bulb can talk to your smart meter, the IHD will be updated with the correct energy prices.

It will continue reading the old prices until such a time as Bulb can communicate with it.

If you change the display to show daily cumulative kWh rather than £ then it may still be useful to you. It’ll correctly indicate how much energy you’ve used, it’s only the cost that will be wrong. If only the cost is of interest to you, then yes chuck it in a drawer until such time as the smart meter fiasco has been sorted out.

Then looks like I’ll have to ditch the smart meter thing for now. Thanks!