Existing Smart Meter

I have a smart meter from my previous supplier, can I use this with bulb? If so how do I connect it?

Your smart meter will be just like a standard meter now, Bulb are rolling out new smart meters next year.

Find out more about reading the smart meter:

@Loudancoe, as @soopermow says, your old smart meter will just act as a standard meter for now.

Due to technical issues, it’s (generally) not possible for a new supplier to utilise a 1st gen (SMETS1) smart meter from a previous supplier.

Bulb are going to be rolling out 2nd gen (SMETS2) smart meters from the middle of 2018 which will not have this issue.
On a related note (which shouldn’t however be relevant for current Bulb customers), there are plans to make existing 1st gen smart meters interoperable between suppliers but this isn’t going to happen until at least the end of 2018.

All correct! @Loudancoe you’ll need to give manual readings for now but you’ll have the choice to either have a new meter installed or wait for the software updates later in the year