Exit Fee - added not deducted


I’ve recently join Blub and I’ve submitted my Exit Fees from my previous provider. Looking at my account it looks like the exist fee as been ‘added’ and not ‘deducted’ from my Bulb Account

Presumably you’re thinking they should be deducted from your bill, but think of your Bulb account like a bank account.

Assuming your Bulb account was in credit, then a further credit was “added”, thereby increasing your credit balance. So you’ve got more money in your account than before.

The refund for your exit fees would only be appear to be “deducted” from your balance if you were in debt to Bulb. i.e. your debit balance would be reduced by the addition of a credit.

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Thank you, just a little confusing on how it read it. Thinking of it as a bank account (I.e. Positive is good for me, negative I owe them) makes it clearer.

Hey @Bultark Thanks for making the switch and welcome to Bulb Community :+1:

@norman7115 is correct that the exit fees will have been added to your positive account balance. If you’d like the exit fee amount refunded to your bank account and you’ve made your first direct debit payment, please could you get in touch with our help chat :slightly_smiling_face: