Exit fee payment into bank account?

I remember seeing a link to claim exit fees into bank accounts but can’t find it. I would like my exit fee repaying into my bank rather than added as credit please.

How can I arrange this?

Hey @DavidCarr - your account will likely go into credit once they add the leaving fee coverage to your account. If you want to then request that as a refund then either email help@bulb.co.uk or message one of Bulb’s friendly faces - here’s one of them! @“Eleanor at Bulb”

You might even want to keep it as credit into your account, winter will be coming soon and it’s always nice to have a little more left over to burn through the cold winter nights.

Heya @DavidCarr. @mitchell is absolutely right - just drop me or help@bulb.co.uk a message when you would like credit refunded.

I’ve transferred £30 to your bank account. It’ll be with you within 5 working days.

As long as you have an up-to-date meter reading and one month’s payment in the account, then we’ll refund remaining credit.

Thanks @“Eleanor at Bulb” !!