Exit fees when moving home and starting bulb supply at new address

Hi all,

I have just moved home and am on a tariff that has a £30 exit fee.
Bulb’s exit fee FAQ says any exit fee would be refunded when exit fee amount and address is clear on the bill.

I will exit on one address and begin supply at a new address. Would this count for a refund ?

There is a simple solution of course, that I switch with my existing supplier (wait for a few weeks for that) and switch again, which would qualify. I would like to avoid the hassle of doing that of course, if I could.

As a thank you to the community member answering this, if you could please send your referral code when replying, I would use this to sign up.


The simple solution is the way to go, unless you can get bulb to agree otherwise…


Hi @ragwhos, hope the move went well!

You won’t be charged an exit fee to close your account at your old property. This is because your old supplier will continue to supply the energy at that home.

If the supplier of your new home has an exit fee charge, we’re more than happy to pay that one. Just send us a copy of the final bill with the fees on it and we’ll add the cost as credit to your account :slight_smile:

Happy switching!