Exit fees

I have read in my terms that Bulb will pay for any exit fees if I sent final bill from current provider. I am switching from British Gas and mine will be £80 in total, has anyone had any issues with this amount being credited. I am assuming all will be ok and it will be credited if I follow the correct procedure.

@Matt_G, you’re correct that Bulb will pay these fees (up to £120).

I’ve not heard of anyone having issues getting these credited although it can take a week or so for it to be processed.

Just submit the final bill from your previous supplier to Bulb and your Bulb account will be credited with the exit fees within a few days.

Hi @Matt_G Can you please send us a PDF of your final bill to help@bulb.co.uk and we will credit your account with the cost of the exit fees :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.