Exit fees

If I leave bulb after 2 month will I have to pay exit fees

No. Bulb don’t charge exit fees.

We left bulb in March 2018 (we were made homeless) all good then a year later they are emailing asking for £188 my bill was £60 a month!

Hi @Trease,

Sorry to hear about your circumstances - do you remember supplying a final closing meter to Bulb on moving out and/or actually letting Bulb know you had left the property? (if you didn’t, the landlord/new occupiers may have been using the power in your name).

We switched of for march 28th (2018) because our old house was being turned into 2 flats. We rang them and they said because it was switched off after winter the gas used is higher. had to be paid back because we left before the summer so i guess that makes sense, but i was just angry they emailed after a year

Hi @Trease

We don’t have a Bulb account registered with the same email address as your Community account so I can’t exactly what happened in this case.

I’m sorry if we did not communicate your final statement within the six week period. Ordinarily we will send a final bill as soon as we have the closing meter readings from your new supplier or the account closure date. It sounds like that in your case, the final bill got stuck along the way. It certainly is not good service to sort this out a year later.

If you would like me to take a look into this further, please let me know. You can drop me a private message on Community.

We were staying with family for a while after, so if a letter was sent we wouldnt of got it, its my partners email address thats why. Hes rang and has sorted it with someone now

Thanks for letting me know @Trease.

I’m glad it has been sorted now!

Well Done Eleanor / Bulb, That is some great customer. Trease rightly had a sour taste in their mouth and there could have been for a whole host of reasons for the issue but you listened, confirmed it could have been done better, directed them to customer services and resolved the issue. I am a new customer defected from SSE for piss poor customer service so I definitely know that I have come to the right place. Bravo Bulb !


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