Exiting Bulb in case of leaving the country

I have just started a contract with Bulb. I am within the 14 day cooling off period. The agreement Section 8.1 states that “Once we commence supply of your energy, you can only cancel your agreement by switching to another supplier or entering into a new agreement with us.”

I am a temporary resident in the UK. So if I choose to move out of the country what happens. I am not entering into any new contract in that case. A bit confused here … hope someone can throw some light on this point.

Hi @Tamoghno. The 14 day cooling off period is the time you have to withdraw the request to switch. If you decided to cancel your switch during this time, then you will stay with your current supplier.

If you chose to move out of the country after the switch has happened then your account will close when you are no longer responsible for the property. Just let us know the day the property changes hands and we’ll send you a final bill.

Hope this answers your question.