Hey bulb, every month you say it’ll cost me £35 but every month it rises a lot. This month it was £35 then jumped to £61, last month about the same. The problem is we have been away for a week and our small flat is mostly glass so we don’t use heaters at all, we cook around 3 times a week. I jut can’t see how this service is so expensive especially as the previous tentants told us it was £25 a month. Two moths have cost us over £140. We have only a 1 bedroom flat and all energy saving lightbulbs. Any thoughts?

Did previous tenants give you proof of £25 bills?
You should be able to check current usage of kWh from you meter readings to ensure what you are being chargedis in line with usage.
You dont say if dual or single fuel.
It does seem high based on what you are saying though. I was away for 2 weeks in May and have 4 bed & dual fuel, my bill was £41

I’m only using electricity. I’m a bit lame at this how do I check my readings and workout cost?

I’m only using electricity. I’m a bit lame at this how do I check my readings and workout cost?

Are you asking how to read your meter or the details showing on your bill? If you have been submitting readings to Bulb and these are correctly showing on your bill then you don’t need to do your own costings since these are clearly shown on your itemised billing.

I’m a bit lame at this how do I check my readings and workout cost?

You need the last reading and your current one, deduct one from the other to get kWh used.
Multiply that by 11.88p (thats your cost per kWh)
Add daily standing charge at 23.39p per day
Now add VAT @ 5% to the total.

For reference details are in your monthly bill.
allanr is correct though if you have submitted correct readings then the bill will be as per your statement.


The cost per kWh does vary slightly based on where you live.

Hi @Samstimpson as the other guys say we’ll be billing you to your readings when you get them to us, the rest of the time we’ll be using estimates. You should be able to see the full breakdown of your usage on the electricity page of your bill (usually page 3), then you can use that to work out the exact costs of your usage. If your usage is way higher than the old tenants’ usage then maybe there’ll be something broken in the property, which might need fixing. Before you go down that route, though, I should point out that the original quote you got from us may have been only an estimate (based on your location and how many bedrooms your house/flat has) unless you gave us some more accurate info on the usage. Chances are if you just moved into the property you might not have had any more details, so the £25 could have been a very rough estimate. If you’d like to talk more specifics then we’d be more than happy to do so, though I imagine you wouldn’t want to put them all u on a public forum so you could get in touch through help@bulb.co.uk if you’d rather, entirely up to you.