Explaining your gas usage on Bills

Just a suggestion regarding the"Explaining your gas usage" item which is shown on bills.

Instead of giving an example of Meter units used = 100 could the meter used figure be the actual units used by the customer?

This would possibly make it clearer how the kWh figure was calculated.

*Explaining your gas usage
Not all gas is created equal. We convert gas units
from your meter into kWh to make sure the
energy output of your gas is priced consistently.
We do this using the following formula:
Meter units used 12
Volume conversion factor x 1.00
Metric units = 12
Volume correction x 1.02264
Calorific value x 39.3
Convert to kWh ÷ 3.6
Energy used 134 kWh

Actual figures are used on my statement, as above.

Not on my bill, it shows an example off Meter units used 100, whereas my actual meter units used is 17.

Ah this is interesting, I have just checked my first bill on 2 June it shows my actual meter units . My more recent bills on 1 July and 1 August shows the example of 100 meter units used.

Interesting indeed. I’ll check mine back to January…

All mine back to Jan are calculated on actual units used.

From Jan to Aug, mine are actual units except for Feb and May.
Feb was based on an estimate, May on a reading.

Hi @198kHz and @scudo and @Allanr

I believe the calculation shows 100 when the consumption is negative, so it wants to use a generic value instead.

I think that should be the case when you check again.


That’s an interesting thought, I wonder how I can have a negative consumption? My meter readings shows I used 17 units which is a positive consumption.

I haven’t attempted to work it out but it could be that their system is set up so that the value usage must be greater than the dual fuel discount for it to show a positive, or something similar along those lines.