Explanation of how to post items on this forum

Could someone enlighten me, please, on how to successfully post items of interest on this forum? Everything that I post is blocked. It seems to coincide with the moment I filed a complaint with Bulb Energy Limited, but that must be coincidental, surely?

The ability to post links was turned off about 5/6 months ago, well before Bulb went into administration.

It was after several weeks of spambots posting links to malware and phishing sites.

Hmm, I was able to add posts and comment right up until today. Then I filed my complaint to Bulb by email, and quite my coincidence I was blocked from the forum. It’s a shame because I’d like advice about how much notice I will get when Bulb decides to cut off my electricity supply. I suppose there are other, more useful, communities to consult.

I’m seeing your posts and comments just fine. You don’t seem to be blocked.

Members who’ve been around a while can flag posts as problematic, which causes the content to be hidden by default (but “click to view”), and they’ll then be reviewed by Bulb staff for possible removal. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue for your posts generally.

Of course, if you start repeating yourself endlessly on tangentially-related threads, you’ll likely start getting blocked as other members will flag your posts.