Explanation of Tarrif increases

Firstly, I have to state that I like Bulb, I like what you’ve done, how you operate and the support offered. Significantly , I like your prices and way of doing business. However, I think your most recent email explaining price increases and giving 60 days notice is not well crafted. Suggesting that on the whole account’s will require an increase which is over double the increase of wholesale costs, could easily put people off using BULB as a supplier, and I suspect it will. I have agreed with the person on the phone to see how these price increases play out in actuality , and measure the unit rate increase. If it is as excessive as it appears, I’ll be sad to change from Bulb, but I certainly will. I will monitor this more carefully . I would like to know exactly what unit rate your are using currently , so that i can compare this on a monthly basis. thanks

gas unit price from 2.9p to 3.84p is almost 33% rise.i to like bulb but this is obviously leaving more suppliers with more attractive offers to review

Hi @JJ1 - thanks for providing that feedback - You can see your current unit rate on a statement, or on your Bulb account (The ‘account & tariff info’ section) for that - It’s a good idea to see how it compares to what you will end up paying - We don’t want to keep anyone here that doesn’t want to be here, and we will do all we can to lower our prices once the market stabilises.