Export payments application using Flexi-Orb certificate

I’ve been eagarly awaiting Jan 1st 2020 for the new Smart Export Guarantee scheme to start and to see what Bulb would offer. The Export Payments page is now available (see https://account.bulb.co.uk/join-export-payments) but it’s only allowing applications with an MCS certificate number. My installer issued a Flexi-Orb certificate (as many seem to do, see https://www.solarguide.co.uk/flexi-orb-certification), which it seems cannot be used with the form.

How do I go about using my Flexi-Orb certificate with Bulb? I’ve noticed that Octopus advertise that they accept both types of certificate - hopefully this is a small and short-term oversight from Bulb?

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I had to call Bulb but have finally have a response:

I’ve just heard back from our Solar team.

Unfortunately we won’t be accepting Flexi Orb for our export payments. We are only accepting MCS certificates. I’m sorry about this.

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Disappointing, but I’ll have to find another supplier.

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