Export tarrif solar panels new installation

Hi ,
Can anyone explain me how to register for FIT /export tariff with bulb . on the website on registration is asking me for the MCS certificate but this certificate is not in use anymore from 01.04.2019 . I installed my solar panel kit on 17.07.2019 and my supplier send me a new certificate as Flexi-ORB .
Bulb still pays the export for new installations ?
Thank you in advance

I was under the impression that MCS certificates can still be issued for new installs despite the FIT ending in April.


Octopus allow both MCS or Flexi-ORB certs for their export tariff. Maybe Bulb do too and just need to update their guidance.

A while ago Bulb were seeking 50 customers to trial their new scheme which presumably will eventually lead to a Smart Export Guarantee-based tariff or payment. Maybe there are still some places available on the trial? Otherwise it’s probably a case of waiting until they pull their collective finger out and offer an export payment to all their customers.