Extortionate bills

Hi. So my estimated usage per annum is around 11.5k for electric. This seems very high to me. Is this about right? I live in a 4 bed house. I am very good with turning everything off, our bills just seem to be off the scale.
Member of bulb could you tell me if this sounds right?

Hey @richjoanne1 Thank you for your post.

That does seem higher than more 4 bedroom properties. I am believing by 11.5k you are referring to KWH rather than cost in £.

From an average which can also be located online its around 4,600kwh-6000kwh for a large home however there can be some anomalies which are higher.

Because we get regular readings we can see the meter is providing knowledge of a high usage address. We can discuss some ways to help bring this down. You are also on a 2 rate day/night tariff, could you provide us some insights into what appliances you have and when you use them? Have you had any of your electrics check by an electrician in a trace test?

Happy to help get to the bottom of this for you.

I am also attaching a link for some of our top energy saving tips here

Let us know if you have any further questions.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl
We don’t have any storage heaters and I rarely use anything through the night. I am wondering if there is a problem with our meter as I believe it is very old. I am the only person home during the day, my children rarely have tvs on etc. We have all the normal appliances, at the moment I am using the tumble dryer a bit more, but I don’t believe our usage should be this high.

Probably better to go on single rate. Economy 7 is designed for appliances that switch on at night so if you don’t have storage heaters or an e7 immersion heater you would be better off on single rate

Will this save me money?

Hey @richjoanne1 thanks for messaging back.

It may be the case there is a fault somewhere, either with the meter or appliances.

To check for a meter fault it would be best to book an accuracy test with us however an at home test should be done first - to do this (if you can) you would turn off all electric for about an hour to see if the meter read goes up. If it does in that time, there could be a fault.

In terms of your appliances, we did mention a trace test - it could be the case one or more of your appliances are not efficient which is causing the increase, this could be checked by an electrician.

In terms of what @Smart_fitter said a move to single rate could actually save you money, you end up paying a set price throughout the day and the fact you do not have storage heaters could mean a change to normal would be better.

A meter replacement does cost £120 so you may not see the benefits immediatley but a change could be worth your while.

For example, your unit rate currently is |Day rate|22.2904p per kWh and |Night rate|14.5898p per kWh. A switch to single would be 20.306p per kWh. Considering you use most of your energy in the day this could balance out better for you.

I would however take some time to look into potential upgrades to your property.

LEAP, The Energy and Money Saving Service and My ECO Home are support services for free home assessments and energy efficiency improvements.

You can check the energy efficiency performance of your property on the EPC Register. If your property is a ‘D’ or below you may be eligible for a Green Grant.

While also using some energy saving tips;

10 simple ways to lower your energy bills
How can I save money on my heating
Saving on your energy bills with energy-efficient appliances

These resources may be of use but if you have any further questions on any of this information, just let us know.

–Carl :bulb:

Need help regarding my crazy bill from last summer over £1000 when boiler and radiators were turned off.

Hey @Pensioner44 Sorry about that large bill there.

I can see there could be an issue with your readings before your smart meter exchange around June July time. By the looks of things you added the reads the wrong way round which made the bill jump up so much, we will remove the incorrect reads and re add them to send a fresh bill out to you.

–Carl :bulb:

I realised the meters were the wrong way round when the storage heaters were switched off in May and the night meter reading was still going up and the day one hardly moved.We did space tests and the bills were recalculated back to March 1st when we moved to this address. Since then it’s been chaos until 1st October when my smart meter kicked in. I have spoken at length to various people on the phone but am no nearer sorting this out. I should be extremely grateful if you could fix this as we need to be on an even keel for the expected price rises to come.

Any sign of my recalculated bill yet?

Any update on recalculating my bill?

Hi, I have heaters that charge overnight and use my tumble dryer occasionally and my monthly bill this month was £312.09 I am an 85 year old in a small 1 bedroom bungalow and have the cheaper over night tariff…. This is more than my daughters 4 bedroom house…. How can that be??

Hi, I think I’m in the same boat here. I live alone, I’m at work most of the day, and somehow my monthly bill this month was £211.06. I also have the cheaper overnight tariff (EV tariff) and I have timed most of my high-consumption units to run during the cheap hours. I have posted on this forum about this and am waiting for a reply.

I had my storage heaters replaced last summer with Dimplex qrads which are great my bills at present are running about £150 per month and my rads are on 8 hours a day I also had the economy 7 timer removed from my boiler and now just have a straightforward immersion heater which is only switched on when we have visitors.We have an electric shower and never use the bath.

Hi @Pensioner44 :wave:t4:

Thank you for posting, I can see that this has been updated for you now. So you should be able to access your statements on the app/website.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with today.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Thank you so much this is a great relief to know this has been sorted out.I shall leave the direct debit payments as they are for the time being and see how we go over the next few months.

Hi @Pensioner44

Excellent , you’re very welcome. We can most definitely review this again in a few months, right now everything seems to be up to date.

Have a lovely day!

–Suki :hibiscus: