Extortionate cost for December 2021-January 2022

So I’ve recently bought a one bedroom flat and it uses storage heaters, electric hob, washing machine and dishwasher. I have no gas to pay and it’s all just electric.

Bear in mind I only completed mid November I knew my first couple of bills would be figuring how what I’m actually using compared to estimates and I’m new to submitting meter readings etc (now have had a smart meter installed but yet to have my first bill since said installation).

On 20th December 2021 I received a bill for £60.94 which I thought was amazingly low and expected it would increase the longer I’ve been here and utilised things more.

However for the period 20th Dec to 20th Jan, I received a bill for £350.25!

How can I possibly be using such an extortionate amount of electricity!! I just wonder if something somewhere is going wrong as I can’t believe I could even use so much!

Has anyone else had any issues with extortionate billing which seems to have jumped dramatically since their last bill?

Hi @HuddAMP0712 :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the issues you have had with your bills.

Looking through your account, it looks like that bill was so high due to readings we had from you on the 14th of Jan. The December bill that you had for only £60 was an estimated one, so it’s likely we underestimated your usage for that period, meaning that when we had readings through on the 14th, we billed for that usage that was unaccounted for, meaning it was higher than a typical bill would be.

If we assume that the readings you gave are correct, I think the best thing to do would be to wait until your first smart meter bill comes through. If the usage is much less than the one for last month, then it may be that the old meter was faulty or there was an issue with the readings. In that case we can see what we can do to correct that previous bill.

Does that all make sense? I appreciate it’s quite confusing, especially given the very large difference in the £60 and £350 bill you had.

-Luke :bulb:

Previous bill was explained to me but was still way higher than it should have been. Just been charged a ridiculous amount again this month when my smart meter and the app show I’ve used less than I’ve been billed so I’ll be escalating my complaint about Bulb further.

Yup lm same as you in a 2 bed electric only live hear on my own Bulb debited my account £410 for January, thru also systematically entered my peak off peak meter reading the wrong way round and over charged my by £1000!!! Still unable to do manual meter entries the right way round system just flips them round l believe that might be reason for Jan bill but after 3 weeks 5 emails and 4 entries on this forum no Jen can be asked to contact me except to say oh your bill is highly due to the gap between meter reading which they did last time over months racking up an over charge of £1000! It’s so easy to do when it’s not your money!!! Shameful service no wonder they busted the business out, you know “our” tax payments are paying to hold this lot up.

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It’s disgraceful. I live in a one bedroom apartment. They’ve just billed me over £200 after I paid over £200 for a bill they got wrong anyway. I’m not paying over £200 a month when my monthly usage is roughly £96.

My combined bills for the last 3 years (January) have been

2020 £99
2021 £110
2022 £134

Jan 2022 i was out of the country for 2 weeks.

The cost of energy has risen significantly.
What i dont understand is if we are 100% renewables. Why has the cost increased with the increase of gas.
I would assume wind generated electric would not go up

Because there’s only one price for electricity on the wholesale market, and it’s seriously affected by the price of gas (as overall, across the whole market, a large proportion of electricity generation is still gas-powered).

One day, in a couple of decades (hopefully less), the gas-driven power stations will go, in much the same way that coal has just about dropped out of the electricity generation “pool” today. And then the price of electricity is likely to decouple from that of gas.

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Thanks for this response. I was not aware of the single cost