Extortionate DD

I moved house on 25th March. I started a bulb account. Soon, I was told my DD was insufficient. Result: during COVID my DD was raised 2x resulting in a DD of £171.08 MONTHLY. I am a single Mom. Our usage is around £40 - £50/ month. Still bulb insist on their DD. My account is now over £350 in credit and I have no money left for groceries until 17th Nov. As I’m Autistic, I dont do well on phone. So tried to lower my payments to £65 on website. Not possible. Needs to be at least £89 (still double my usage). And they hold soooo much money. And I’m penniless. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

Hi @kelsalljosie, welcome to Community! :wave:

I do apologise for the increase of your direct debit - we need to make sure you’re always paying enough to cover your bills, but we do take into account your credit balance when doing this.

I see you’re resolving this issue with my colleague now, but let me know here if you have any other questions.