Extra Electricity Meter Appeared In Phone App


In my app on my phone under “Payments” it no longer says what my monthly usage is, it says “not enough readings”. Yet underneath this is has all my history going back to 2017.

Under the “Usage” tab it shows I now have two electricity meters? One is the correct serial number the other has a serial number of “null”. Yes I have restarted the app.

I tried to chat with you on the chat bot thing but just get an error message. Please see picture. (Looks like you will not allow me to add a picture, even though the option to add one is in the icons above the text entry area - oh well)

Hey @Planky :blush:

This is part of the charging trial you’ve signed up to with us- when we install some of the set up we need to create some details on our side (which is why it looks blank at the moment as it only starts later on August). Not to worry about it- you won’t be charged or anything and will have the EDMI smart charging function in the app soon :zap:

Hello Holly,

Thanks for the explanation!