Extra usage in lockdown?

My latest email from bulb suggests submitting a meter reading to “reduce the chance you’ll get an unexpectedly high bill” since “most of us are spending more time at home” in the lockdown.

I don’t go out to work any more anyway; not going to a few regular activities is not going to reduce my electricity use since my family are still at home when I do; and I won’t be using more through entertaining, for instance. In fact, the weather in the last couple of weeks has been so sunny that my thermal and PV solar panels have been working flat out, so I am fact hoping that my usage this month will be below average for the time of year!

I’m not sure the purpose of your post, other than to say you are likely to be using less energy. Bulb however don’t know this hence asking for a meter reading seems a very good idea?

Hi @Consument! :wave:

It sounds like you’re all set! We sent out this email to members to make sure we had an accurate idea of any changes in usage. If you think you could be using less than average, I’d recommend submitting readings to reflect this so we have the most up-to-date idea of your usage possible - this way, we can suggest reducing your monthly payment if your usage has decreased.

Thanks for your positive response. It wasn’t a complaint at all, just an observation that might be of interest to some!

I do supply a reading nearly every month as I’ve been with you less than a year and want to build up an accurate picture of my usage. This is partly because I also recently replaced oil heating with a heat pump and expected to see quite an increase but wanted to know as soon as possible how much. (So far it looks like being a lot less than I was paying for oil!)

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Hi @Consument,

The bank holiday weekend was ideal for people with solar panels :sun_with_face:

It’s great you’ve been trying to build up a picture of your usage especially with changes to your heating, this is a really good idea to see if it has a positive or negative impact or your usage.