Extremely Disappointing

I had a great experience with bulb when I was a customer. But I was absolutely dumbfounded when they handed ‘an outstanding amount’ to a debt collection agency when I moved house, without making any attempt to contact me first.

It turns out there was no amount outstanding - this was 100% bulb’s mistake - as I had provided the final meter readings on the day I moved out (which was the same day the new tenants moved in).

I am disgusted that a company that prides itself on its friendly customer service and jaunty irreverent tone of communication in their marketing should immediately resort to ‘sending in the heavies’ for the paltry sum of £30 without checking their records first, knowing the distress and stress this is likely to cause.

An extremely disappointing experience with a company I held in very high regard - which will, of course, be ruled out as an option as my future energy supplier.


Sorry to hear about your issues.

Just a thought - did Bulb have your new address details? Or did “the heavies” have to track you down, which might explain why it ended up with a debt collection agency?

I’ve just logged in to see if they had my address details, but the account is now marked as ‘closed’, with no address details at all. What is baffling is that they issued me with a refund of £119 for unused energy three days after I moved out!

I did notice however that they have always had my mobile number on file, so one phone call could have easily solved any issue.


And of course, by definition, your email address assuming that didn’t change. Doesn’t seem any excuse then. Perhaps they’re not allowed to use those personal details after you’re no longer a customer, and officially shouldn’t have had them on record at all. Strange.

Yes, very strange indeed. All it would have taken is one email or one phone call.

And a shame - I had intended to switch to them when I make it to my new home. That is obviously not going to happen now.

An update on the ongoing communication with Bulb Energy regarding the above for anyone interested:

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I’ve had the exact same thing happening! Only I moved with Bulb to my new property.
No attempts at calling me to rectify this and the amount is a staggering £195.
If I hadn’t had a mail redirection I would’ve never even seen this either!

And ofc, you can’t call them, now the chat doesn’t even work anymore and my last resort was this forum.

Please ANYONE, help us. This is not ok! I don’t want this on my credit history as it’s not even my fault!

Hi @JessieVanAelst - I’ve replied to your private message about this now. :slight_smile: