extremely high electricity usage for 1 month

I switched to bulb on 6th May this year and submitted my final/opening meter reading for electricity (which I was in credit for with previous supplier) which was 8395. Yesterday 5th June my meter reading was 10797. This equates to more units used in 3 months electricity in a the winter months when I have checked with my previous supplier. I am extremely concerned as I switched suppliers to save money not to be in debt on month one! We have a 3 bedroom home and are out at work all day. Prior to joining bulb we calculated the units used for both electricity and gas for the year and this is what we used to estimate our costs. I’m really really concerned that I am now in debt by £365 in month one… height of summer.


That’s quite a jump.

Am I correct in thinking that on 6 May you read your meter, which indicated 8395 and then on 5 June you read your meter again which indicated 10797?

If these are both your own readings of the meter then regardless of which energy company you are with the bill would be quite high.

Doing a quick calculation bearing in mind there are regional differences, I estimate on those readings a bill for £321 for electricity, so the amount is probably correct based on kWh apparently used. As the bill is rather high I would suggest:

A. something at home eating up elec that you are not aware of.
B. Faulty meter.
C. Wrong meter readings given at some point.

You need to discuss this with Bulb.

P.S. As a comparison I am on dual fuel, 4 bed house and my total usage for the YEAR in elec is 2373 kWh, and you are 2402 for a month!

Hi @Gill_Dunlop1Dundee

@Allanr and @scudo are right. If these are your readings then that would be the cost we would charge, but they do seem very high so something might be wrong here.

If you could send a photo to us at help@bulb.co.uk we can make sure that the readings are correct, otherwise it might be best to give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 from Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) so we can discuss this.