Extremely high usage one bed flat

Hi we have a one bed flat on economy 7. With storage heaters and a immersion heater. We only recently moved into this flat.

We use the washing machine and tumble dryer around twice a week. And use the oven for around 30 minutes every evening.

We have a estimated usage of 3500 pounds a year worth of electricity.

I’ve been given monthly readings for the last 2 months with are bill at around 175 pounds a month at the moment

The storage heaters have all been turned off with only 2 of them being turned on originally with a low input setting. But now we would rather sit in the cold than spend money on them.

Are average daily spend on electricity is 5.50 pounds a day.

Any ideas on how and why we have such a high bill for such little usage.

Hi @Han, welcome to Community!

So I can see your first bill was £170 ish- you did manage to submit meter readings on 07/05 and 29/05 which we’ve used to bill you to so these should reflect the use in your property. Your bills run from 7th to the 7th of each month, so try and submit a reading to us around the 6th of each. Submitting regular readings is really great as it’ll help us see how much you use and make sure to bill accurately.

There could be a couple reasons use is high-

  • Particularly cold or mild seasonal weather leading to use of more or less energy than normal

  • Changes in circumstance (eg illness, new baby, working at home etc)

  • Faulty appliances using more energy than it should (a trace test would show this; which can be carried out by an electrician)

  • Changing types of appliance (ie moving from gas to electricity or vice versa)

Do any of these apply to you? We can try and work it out from there :relaxed: