Failed Direct Debit payment

I received an emaile telling me my direct debit failed. I responded saying there is more than sufficient funds, my bank details have not changed and that any failure must be on Bulbs side. I received a response confirming that payment is pending and they will try again in 3 to 5 days. I replied advising that i received my statement late and that the payment due is 2 weeks later than my direct debit is set for and would that be the problem. I also asked how i would correct that and as none of this is my fault could they confirm I would not be charged the £15 administration fee. It has now gone quiet and some 7 hours later i have still jit received a reply despite being told to email if i have a query. Is there anyone in here that can deal with this or provide me with some help please? Thanks Gail

I guess it’s unlikely you’ll get a reply over the weekend. Give it until tomorrow.

I’ve got the same issue saying my direct debit has failed but I have funds in the account and the direct debit is still in place. I’ve recently changed to paying bill in full rather than a set amount and my statement said funds would be taken on or after the 15th and there is no evidence on my account the direct debit has failed. Tried to ring but can’t till tone.

Hey @GS30

We cannot discuss your payment/bill amounts in lots of detail on the public forum but your last statement was produced on the 1st of Feb but showed usage between June and January, you are listed on pay on receipt so Bulb will request the full amount in debt within 14 days of the statement.

If the payment fails once, whether this is due to insufficient funds or an error elsewhere we attempt to retake once within 5 days, if there are no problems then the payment will be successful.

Hey @Vodkakath Welcome to our community.

As you are also on pay on receipt payment would be requested within 14 days of your bill, the first payment did fail but we are in the process of trying again, if this fails we will let you know. Unfortunately if you tried to call on Saturday or Sunday this would not have gone through as the lines are closed.



I have had the same issue today the direct debit has left my bank successfully and nothing has changed to my payment method. I assume this is a bulb end error and I will not incur a £15 admin fee as my bank has completed payment!


Not sure what you mean. Do you mean the payment does not show in your account yet, ie the account is still in debit? If so, it takes a few days for your account to update after the DD has been taken.