Failed Payment doesn't mean Failed Payment

In December 2020 shortly after opening my Bulb account, I received an email from Bulb saying my Direct Debit payment had failed. I checked with my bank who confirmed it was set up correctly. I called Bulb who said that the payment hadn’t failed. The real message was that they wanted a top-up payment (for reasons I still don’t understand) and today 2nd March 2021 I received the same message saying my December 2020 payment had failed. I called Bulb again and was told that the Direct Debit was fine but I need to increase my monthly payments to meet my current energy demand. So in three months Bulb have not corrected a communications problem which they admitted was causing many complaints.

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Thanks for flagging this to our attention.

Sorry for the confusing emails. I can see that you have been in touch about this with our help team and that my colleague is emailing you about the issue. They will get back to you again with another update as soon as possible.