Failed Smart Meter Installation

Hi all,

Thought I’d post here quickly as well, anyone had experience with the recent smart meter roll-out this month or year who are on economy 7 and no longer use storage heating(electric heaters installed)?

I ask as reason being, I was told by the installer I can’t have it unless I buy a new boiler/water heater. I since found out from my neighbour from flat below that he has had a smart meter installed(true, I don’t know what type) and has the exact same setup as me just on electric.

Any advice/thoughts?


I have same as you, storage heaters ripped out many years ago. I did have E7 meter and has a smart meter installed a month ago. The installer said that the person he installed just before mine also had the same situation.

The difference may be (based on what installer said from memory) is that I did not have a circuit for E7, i.e. there are no dedicated cables that run to storage heaters from meter )you may have them still in place). I just benefit from E7 cheap times for other appliances. I think if you have the economy 7 circuit still in place they cant install the meter.

Before anyone comments on me not needing E7 if I don’t have storage heaters, I put washing machine and dishwasher on overnight, and I heat a hot tub overnight with maybe a slight top up in the evening if I am going to use it. I use about 40% of my electric at night.

Thanks for your advice, makes sense. I finally managed to get through to customer services yesterday and I ask what the installer sent back to them as to the reason why, and I think if I heard the CS agent right that he said it had to do with not having enough ports and they are planning to roll those type of meters out in a few months so they signed me up to that now, which, if it goes ahead would be ideal.