Failure to register Smart Meter

I’ve had my SMETS2 meter installed for over 4 months and all appeared to be working well until I had my solar panels and battery installed. Bulb still don’t offer Economy 7 or any variant of it so this left me contemplating changing suppliers, only to find that Bulb haven’t registered my meters with the national registers so I can’t switch supplier. I have now requested that this registration be expedited but it can take up to 4 weeks.
I advise all members who have had Smart meters installed by bulb to check whether they have been registered as a 4 week delay could mean missing out on a deal if you want to switch.

What happened then? It should have no effect on your meter.

Nothing happened but it was only when I looked to switch because of the change in circumstances that the problem became apparent.
You cannot change supplier without the meters being registered.

Hi David,

Could you advise how we can check?

Also, apparently bulb do offer economy 7, we’re supposed to be on it. Well, we were, prior to having a “smart meter” fitted. Now the meter only shows 1 rate, and despite chasing them for months , I’m getting nowhere, so am looking to change provider. There was some problem when our meter was installed, in that it’ was having problems connecting, and the installer suggested that we could go on normal rates. I refused, as we’re set up for economy 7, with solar panels.

The meter also doesn’t connect to the ihd, but the 2 green lights to say that it can connect to the wider network, flash as expected, however, were still being asked for manual meter readings. This causes yet another problem, we only have 1 and bulb expect 2.

Hi Tony

I first found out that my smart meter wasn’t registered when I tried to look in to changing supplier. The smaller ones like Green Energy were most helpful. I also yesterday asked Bulb for confirmation in writing that it had been registered. The reply came back that notification has been sent but the registers aren’t yet updated.
As far as Economy 7, I was told that I was on the list for transfer. I understood this to mean that I was on a To Do list and would be swapped when they got to me. I found out yesterday that Bulb won’t be offering Economy 7 (possibly cia Smart meters) until at least May/June.

For all my inconvenience and being effectively tied to Bulb they offered me £20 as an apology!!

my daughter is switching from EON with a Smets 2 meter onto economy 7 tariff even though she wants to be on a single tariff go figure

The smart meter defaults to single rate, since that’s the most common. In order for you to be moved to two-rate E7, the meter has to be remotely reconfigured. When Bulb can’t talk to the meter, for whatever reason, it’s impossible for that configuration to happen.

It doesn’t help you now, but for anyone else reading in your situation where it’s important to ensure you stay on E7, I would be looking for confirmation in writing on how Bulb are going to handle the E7 billing and ensure you don’t end up overcharged in the situation where the smart meter fails to communicate. Without that I wouldn’t risk having a smart meter installed.

From the comments it would appear that Bulb can manage Economy 7 with the old self read meters but aren’t yet capable of reading smart meters correctly for it.


There have been reports on here from customers with E7 working on their Bulb smart meters. Bulb can do it. But in general they are having significant problems getting their smart meters to work at all, and then still more problems producing bills even when they do work. Much more so than many other suppliers it would seem.