Fake electricity bill

Please can you send me a breakdown for my 3 latest electricity bill? This is the third time asking for the same. If you can not provide this requirement is because you are hiding important information that can compromise you legally. My wife has access to Citizen Advisor staff and they recommended to proceed with a claim. I ussually pay 85 pounds/month and last week was taken from my account 153 pounds. Why ??? This is a huge mistery. This attitude can be considered as a serious offence against my finance.
I am obliged to SWITCH into another electricity supplier in order to avoid this indecent people taking money from me with out permissions.

I hope you can get some help, something must be wrong on there system, my electricty usage has weirdley doubled in the last 2 weeks, i have to use a keymeter as i am still waiting for a smart meter to be installed, i have gone from £10 a week to well over £20 now with no extra usage.

Your bills should be available on your online account.

Hi @morris63, I can see that you have a complaint open with my colleague Isabella, so if you need any specific information about your statements explained further, you can request this in a response to her last email and she’ll be able to give you a hand with that.

Lou :stars: