Faulty 2 rate Smart Meter

I have a 2 rate meter.

It seems to me that my meter installation has failed into a single rate setup, that is one meter reading rate 01.

The night time circuit which should only be live during the Night period (rate 02) is live 24hours a day and being charged at the daytime rate, therefore I am being overcharged.

What sort of response can I expect from Bulb, I have emailed customer Service and spoke to someone, who did not really help, just past the buck to a persone who had the email.

Hi @stuart0742

Welcome to the Bulb Community, I’m sorry your first post was raising this :bulb:

If your meter has become faulty and all the usage is going through the day rate then we’ll need to make sure it gets replaced.

There’s a few tests you can do on the meter to confirm this for us. Once done, we can fit a new meter for you. Any usage on the faulty meter in that period we can rebill based on your previous day/night usage split.

I can see you’ve raised this with one of our agents. I’ll let them know you’ve posted here and ask them to get back to you ASAP :clock230:


Thank you for your reply CJ.

You say
I can see you’ve raised this with one of our agents. I’ll let them know you’ve posted here and ask them to get back to you ASAP

What sort of timescales can I expect for a reponse and resolution of this.

Hi @stuart0742 :wave:

We try to get back to emails within 5 working days, so Tye should get back to you by next Tuesday. We’ve sent them a message asking them to get back to you as soon as they can.

If they haven’t responded by Tuesday, please do let us know.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

I have NOT had any email response from Tye as yet. My initial contact with Bulb was 31/8/21. Does this need to be escalated before it becomes a complaint



Hey @stuart0742

We have contacted Tye regarding your email & that you’re looking for an update- sorry she hasn’t got back to you yet! If you do need to speak to us sooner I recommend giving us a ring on 0300 303 0635 as well :phone:

I am just looking for a resolution to this, I assume it will require engineer to visit my property. When will I get a response. In the meantime all my night units are being recorded as day units and hence over charging me. The longer it goes on the harder it will be to come to an amicable agreement to the over charging

Hi @stuart0742, we’ve requested that they get back in touch as soon as possible so that we can get this resolved for you, apologies for the delay so far!

Hi, It seems obvious that TYE is not going to respond, what is your advise to gain a resolution on this matter, all I seem to get is “We ave have passed it back to Tye to respond” (or similar).

I fail to understand why I am not getting a response