Faulty bulb application

Hi, I can’t figure out how to check my account balance and current energy expenses as the app doesn’t work from any device I try to install it. The main website only brings me to the community page. Can anyone help me ? I’ve been on the support chat and the guy who assisted me, only responded to me saying that his app was working fine. Which obviously was very annoying and not useful at all.
Thank you all in advance !

You need an acount/password reset, you will unfortunately have to contact blub again and hopefully get someone a bit more clued up than Useless Eustace.
This has been an ongoing (and on and on for months) issue that they seem totally incompetent at rectifying

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Thank you so much! Hopefully I’ll get hold of somebody who knows as much as you lol

Hopefully they’ll be a bit more clued up than the last CLOWN you "spoke"to.
Absolutely disgraceful “service” from someone who is supposed to be a trained customer service rep

flagged your post, hopefully someone competent will pick it up

Hi @lpintini

Welcome to the community :smiley:

I have now reset your account, you should have been sent an email.

Let me know if that didn’t work.