Faulty economy 7 meter

I joined bulb in june and found day part of meter not working all use going via night rate. When are you going to repair or replace meter. I donot want a smart meter.

The analogue clock on our E7 meter has stuck. There is nothing wrong with the digital meter, it just needs a working clock attached.
Four months ago Bulb said the wait for a non smart meter would be up to six months. I asked for an update via email. They more or less said they were throwing us out. They said to find another supplier as there was a national shortage of meters. Or, go on their single rate tariff. We don’t want a smart meter as too many installers, who are not electricians, have only had about two days training. There have been a lot of serious fires from appalling installations. We don’t want that to happen to us.
What other supplier is going to take on a new client with a broken meter?
Thanks for your help Bulb.

I joined Bulb in June and have exactly the same problem. A power cut in September has made the display on my 2 rate meter go blank. I have contacted Bulb and they said there is a shortage of 2 rate pre payment meters. All they said was that I cannot have a 1 rate meter as I have economy 7 and therefore advised me to change supplier to one of the ‘Big Six’ as they have more stock. This is more than insulting as I only moved from Npower in June! The whole point of pre payment is that you do not go into debt. At the moment I am still topping up (although the meter is not registering this) at roughly the same intervals as before. What supplier will accept me with a broken meter? Today I am sending Bulb an official complaint and will then get in touch with Ofgem as this is not good enough. What is worse is that they don’t seem to care!

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JS we are no nearer a solution. I’m trying to decide whether to give in to a smart meter. Seems there is no choice.

Amelia, did you get a new meter?

I will stick this out as I do not want a smart meter as they are useless. I placed an official complaint with Bulb and just need to wait six or eight weeks to complain to Ofgem. I know other people who live on my estate who had exactly the same problem on the same day. It seems to have affected the lesser energy suppliers like Bulb and Naboo, so I question the network they are using. If I stick with Bulb it feels too much like I am rewarding them for crap service! Also smells like a ploy to get people off pre pay onto smart meter. But I maybe being a bit cynical.

Hi guys

I’m having the same problem. I had raised the problem 3 times over as many months with npower and then officially launched a complaint regarding my faulty meter (had in changed from key meter to standard E7 meter in April and the engineer connected the cables wrong so immersion & night storage heaters are running on day rate charge) but they conveniently waited until I’d left for Bulb to reply and then said it wasn’t their problem anymore. Bulb have now said exactly what they said to you; either I go on single rate or leave to a Big 6 supplier. I cannot understand how they can offer an E7 tariff and then not be able to deal with problems efficiently or at all. Did you find any way around it? I don’t understand why they can’t just change the cables over instead of having to put in a new meter when they don’t have any.

With the government penalties for not installing enough smart meters, no supplier is going to put in ‘old’ analogue meters.

I had a call from bulb today telling me they wanted to book a date to install a new meter. I asked if it would be E7 as they’d said they had none. I’be given in to the smart meter thing. I’ve asked for a confirmation email that it’s an E7, not single rate. If the engineer turns up with a single rate one, I’ll turn him away.

By the way. If you report a faulty meter, the supplier is supposed to test it within a set number of days & issue you with a report. It’s about 7 days. If they don’t, they should pay you £30. If they still don’t come in another ?30 days, they owe you another £30. You pay for the inspection if there is NO fault. Bulb have done none of this.

The man from bulb said they would be installing a Zero meter. I assumed he meant a brand new one, but now I’m not sure. New ones aren’t always set at zero as they’ve had test units on them.

I guess we will see, come December 9th.

Interesting…Bulb said ist phase of new E7 meters were not compatible with storage heaters so wouldn’t install one. Re engineer visit Bulb said they have no facilities to repair so not worth coming out!

They’re only incompatible if you have a 5-terminal meter, where the 5th terminal is a switched output that is live only during the off-peak period. If you have a normal 4-terminal meter and timers on the individual heaters then there’s no problem. Do you have a 5-terminal meter?

No idea…but have no timers on storage heaters, they operate automatically between 12-7am…or 1-8am in summer. It’s impossible to use outside these hours. They have only heat controls and all go via fuse box connected to night side of meter. All electricity during night hours charged night rate ie lights, water heater or radiators but radiators not active during day.

You answered the question, so you do have an idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Meaning??? What’s answer then what do I have?

If you have a fuse box connected to the “night side” of the meter, then that is the 5th terminal.

It’s easy enough to check. Do you have 4 or 5 thick cables connected to your meter?

Good evening, I am chairman of a residents retirement village with 40 bungalows, the majority still with EON. EON have replaced E7 meters with new smart meters and a ‘contactor’ box which operates the night storage water and radiators. Why cant Bulb install the same? Been told smart E7 meters not produced yet! I dont want to leave Bulb but you dont seem able to help me or be concerned.

Hi, as I think I said before I would put in an official complaint and then complain to the ombudsman. It seems some kind of joke to claim you can cater for a certain kind of customer but at the first problem you cannot offer anything more helpful than suggest they change supplier again! If you do not complain to the ombudsman it has no idea things are failing at the company. My complaint is currently with the ombudsman and I am waiting for their decision.

Hi, thanks for the update. I got in touch with the ombudsman for advice a while ago and they advised to launch an official complaint with Bulb and then if it hasn’t been dealt with after 8 weeks to pass it on officially to the ombudsman. I’m in the 6th week with still no reply (I re send it every week) so if there’s no reply by the 31st December, which will be week 8 since first official complaint, then I pass it on to Ombudsman to resolve.
I agree with you entirely, it seems so bizarre to offer a service that you can’t fully cater too. It also seems, from reading through so many of these complaints, that there are many people in the same boat as us and yet Bulb don’t seem to have tried in any way to find a way to address or deal with the issue.
Let me know if you end up getting your problem resolved and I’ll update mine if anything happens.