Faulty Gas Meter


I have already contacted you several times about my faulty gas meter (specifically that the reading on it does not increment) by both email and via your community forum website. The meter stopped incrementing in mid-November and no action has been taken to either fix or replace the meter. The gas meter has repeatedly sent automated readings to you since mid November and the reading is always the same - “685”. Furthermore I sent a manual reading using your app and the camera on my phone which registered the same reading of “685” as displayed on the meter.

You have claimed Ofgem does not allow you to replace a faulty smart meter, yet I have found no such information on the Ofgem website. Contrary to your claim Ofgem have emphasised suppliers should be fixing faulty meters:

Furthermore I believe the relevant UK legislation is clear:


I quote: “In the case of any consumer, the public gas transporter or any relevant gas supplier shall at all times, without charge to the consumer, keep any meter which is owned by him and is lent or hired to the consumer in proper order for correctly registering the quantity of gas supplied.”

I am aware Ofgem does not allow you to replace Smets-1 meters with Smets-2 meters, but as far as I understand my meter is Smets-2 and in any case the meter is clearly faulty and hence it is your responsibility to fix it.

How do you intend to resolve this issue?



Hi @shefmarkh, I’m sorry you’re having this issue with your gas meter. This is a manufacturing error with a very small number of Landis & Gyr gas meters, and is something that the manufacturer is currently working on a fix for.

With regard to why we are not able to remove any smart meters (both SMETS1 and SMETS2), you can read my colleague Matthew’s post on this.

Lou :stars:

That blog does not seem to say you cannot replace a SMETs 2 meter under any circumstance. It says;

"We also wouldn’t replace the meter in the case of a faulty IHD with a SMETS2 meter so the situation here is similar. "

But its not the IHD that is faulty. Its the meter itself that is faulty.



“This is a manufacturing error with a very small number of Landis & Gyr gas meters, and is something that the manufacturer is currently working on a fix for.”

When will the fix be rolled out?



I’m getting the same run around despite several emails. My gas meter has a dead display. The last 6 months have been a woeful customer experience with a failed IHD and now a dead meter. Bulb even tried to fob me off by telling me it was a SMETS1 meter despite the fact that they arranged the fitting and it’s a L&G SMETS2.

The most frustrating thing is I’d move onto a new supplier but the dead gas meter means I’m stuck as I don’t want the hassle of sorting that if I move.

First world problems I know, but it just gets tedious, and I work in Customer Service so I know what tedious means.

Like many others I’d like to know when the ‘fix’ will ever get rolled out.