Faulty gas smart meter

Is anyone else experiencing this problem ,my gas readings are giving 100m3 extra per month . Trying to contact bulb is proving impossible.
Roy Tarleton

First thing to check. Is the gas reading in your account showing as an estimate or a reading?

If it’s the first you have 2 potential problems

  1. Your reading was not submitted on time.
  2. Your reading was not accepted, if it’s the latter you need to live chat, call or email to resolve your problem.

If it was a reading that has been altered, you for sure need to contact CS as this doesnt seem right.

You have clearly not read my emails dated 5/11 , 7/11 and the 16/11. In the statement dated 07 November ,the two readings used to calculate the gas usage in Oct were taken by you, they are not estimated nor were they submitted by me, you can check this by looking at your gas readings on your web site. The Nov statement shows 140 m3 used. The gas usage for all the Octobers from 2011 to 2018 is a high of 45 and a low of 30m3 which is giving approx. 100m3 excess from the faulty smart meter installed 26 Sept. The projected Nov reading is also going to give an excess of 100m3

You are quite correct FromTheValleys has clearly not read your emails? This is a customer forum and FromTheValleys is a customer as are the vast majority of commentators on this forum including myself.

I’m not a member of the bulb team, just a customer like you. No I have not read your emails as I am not a staff member so do not have access to such systems.

I was trying to help you troubleshoot

Also, your smart meters will have conventional displays on them. You can submit manual readings via a help desk ticket and your bill discrepancy will be resolved.

It is widely known bulb smart meters haven’t been working properly since their inception.

There is a master thread with regards to this and another thread by Chameleon Technology which shows you how to reset your IHD so it is communicating properly.

If the smart meter master unit is not working properly then I can’t help you further.