Faulty meter - bulb confirmed this but are now ignoring me

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help. My electric meter won’t show a reading (the buttons do nothing when pressed and the display shows the yen symbol!)

Bulb have confirmed that this is a firmware fault and that it needs to be fixed but after an email exchange with them they are no longer replying to me! I’ve sent two complaints and still nothing.

Has anyone else has this issue? I desperately want this fixed as I’m currently relying on estimated readings and I’ve no idea how accurate they are.

Thank you.

Hi @siobhan.a.mcwilliams :wave: and welcome to Community :partying_face:

I would first like to apologise for the issues you’ve had here. I have seen you’ve got in touch regarding your meter job but are yet to hear back regarding this. I have taken over the email thread that you have with us and sent you an email. If you could respond to this with the extra bits of information I need I will look to get this all booked in for you.

All the best,
Luke :bulb: