Faulty meter, please help?

Hi, I had a previous post about my meter a couple of days ago. I had help from Bulb Customer service (they reset my meter), however, it seems like it didn’t solve my problem.
I moved into a place last week. I have here a pre-pay meter which is eating up my credit. I only use my laptop, the fridge is on and an oil radiator, still, the meter counts 0.6p per hour (!!) I don’t even have my boiler on. I am afraid of using my electricity, it cost way too much. Please, it is normal? I’m devastated.

0.6p an hour, that’s like £52 a year - doesn’t sound that bad to me… we get through that each month.

Considering the fridge runs 24/7 and the average oil filled radiator is about 2kw I would say this is pretty good

Do the possibly mean 60p per hour?

Hi @vattacukor

I recommend looking at the screens on your meter to determine if there is any debt on the meters. It sounds like this is what someone came out to reset however it is worth checking.

You can see what each screen means here

If something looks incorrect please take a photo and email it to help@bulb.co.uk.

6 pence would be below average, please let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank you.

It is 60p/£0.6 not 6 pence, it is way too much, I think

I mean £0.6 per hour

Sorry, I made a mistake, it is £0.6 per hour

Hi @vattacukor

I can see you are already emailing one of my colleagues about a meter exchange, I recommend also raising the issue of your top ups in the thread. Having a credit smart meter may help you monitor your usage more easily.