Faulty meter please sort

How can I get this sorted its been on for 2 months and no heating since this meter was installed ,I’ve email you the report saying the heaters are working and still no reply Processing: Storage heater Meter Issue-1.docx…

Hi @Mark,

Thanks for your post!

We are receiving meter readings from your meter which gives us the impression the meter itself is working properly.

I can see Megan is working through this issue for you with our metering team. I have just dropped her a note to ask her to get back to you with an update ASAP.

– Daisy :bulb:

But it doesn’t give economy 7 , so no heat as in the report that Megan as got plus I have 3 storage heaters and imersion heater on and heaters are cold and my bill is less than £30

Hi @Mark

I can see that EON are in touch with you to try and get the issue sorted and meter exchanged.

Did you manage to organise an appointment with them ?

Ele :bulb: