Faulty Meter

I have calculated that I was charged over 16,000 kWh last year, a significant increase since my meter was changed by British Gas at the end of the previous year. I live in a mid-terrace 3 bedroom house with a new boiler, double glazing and insulated loft so struggle to see how my readings were so high. My concern is that the meter is faulty - how can I have this checked?

Hi @Mowleman ,

You might find http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/6701/why-is-my-bill-unexpectedly-high useful, but basically Bulb can send an engineer out to remove your meter for testing - however, if it then passes the test, you’ll be liable for the cost (IIRC, somewhere around £120-£250): this is inline with most other suppliers.

Which utility are you having the high usage on (gas? electric? both?) and how is your house heater (gas or electric central heating).

@Mowleman, consider whether your readings seem appropriate for the size of house currently and if so, whether your old meter could have been faulty.