Faulty prepay meter

When will engineers be allowed back into customers properties to fix non emergencies. My meter stopped displaying credit before lockdown and I’ve been topping up my key every month but not knowing how much electricity I’ve used does not help me in the long run as I can only guess how much to top up. As lockdown is being relaxed and as I live alone surely it is now ok for an engineer visit.


We’re still working with our engineers at the moment to work out when is best to start booking jobs normally again. For the safety of both our members and our engineers, we don’t want to rush into booking all jobs again.

We’ve been trialling a small number of metering jobs, and depending on how they go we’ll look to start booking more.

I appreciate the frustration of the meter screen not working, but the meter will be in failsafe mode. This means you can keep topping up as you would have before, and the meter will function just fine. We really appreciate your patience with this in what are unprecedented times.

Thanks for the reply Curtis.

I was supposed to be switching gas over to you and then getting a smart meter fit so I wouldn’t have to keep topping up. If I choose to have the smart meter fit once you are able to send out an engineer will I receive any credit back if I’ve over paid as this was my main worry? How do you know how much credit I’ve used if you don’t end up fixing the prepay meter and just fitting the smart meter? I do not want to lose out. You must understand that?


I understand the worry entirely. I appreciate it is a frustrating way of doing it, but it is why we advise topping up no more than you would normally. This way you can make sure you aren’t paying any more than you’d usually be.

Ordinarily, we’d be able to replace the meter relatively quickly so this would not be a longstanding consideration. In this case, I understand as a result of Covid-19 the problem has gone on longer. If you’d like to raise a formal complaint about this the easiest way to is by emailing complaints@bulb.co.uk

Thanks Curtis I’ll do that although I don’t expect a quick resolution.