Faulty smart meter

believe my smart meter is faulty as the energy usage has doubled this month from last month which is impossible as nothing has changed. How can I get this fixed? It is impossible to chat online and when I spoke to someone on the phone she said the meter screens don’t work properly and they are not true to use. (I had questioned that the useage at 10am was showing £1 when nothing had been on). Am I able to have this removed and a normal one put back on or have I just signed up to having a faulty meter that is using imaginary electricity and charging me for the privilege.

THAT is one of the many reasons why people like me will never accept a ‘smart’ meter. Did you not research beforehand how ineffective these infernal devices are?

I had questioned that the useage at 10am was showing £1 when nothing had been on).

I’ve quite often used £1 by 10am with “nothing on”. Remember there’s 50p of dual fuel standing charges added at midnight for a smack off. If the remaining 50p is just electricity at, say 13p per kWh, that’s 3.85kWh used between midnight and 10am, so 0.385kWh every hour on average, equivalent to an average background usage of 385W. That’s a little high but not outrageous, especially depending on how energy efficient your background devices are - fridge, freezer, boiler, etc.

Are you sure nothing has changed? How are you sure, i.e., what have you checked? Perhaps you have an immersion heater that might have a faulty time switch and got stuck on? Highly unlikely that the meter is faulty, and despite what wulf thinks, they are no less accurate than any other type of meter. Essentially the smart meter is a traditional meter with a comms unit attached, so obviously no reason for it to meter any differently.